Barphone Secure Payment Application

Covid19 has brought a new normal in our work life, establishing as a top priority the need to deliver the best customer experience. Barphone, an Avaya Diamond Partner, developed the Secure Payment application for the Avaya Aura platform, to enable both contact center agents and customers to make secure payments from any location in a direct and easy way.

Currently, contact center agent-assisted sales require customers to provide through speech their credit card information in order to complete a payment transaction. Similarly, for a chat session, customers have to provide their credit card details in plain text. Both ways imply high security risks.

Secure Payment App by Barphone enables new methods for secure contact center agent-assisted sales over multiple channels. The PCI compliant solution enables secure transmission of sensitive payment card information using:
a) DTMF tones for voice calls
b) Secure web links for chat sessions or email
Sensitive payment details are transmitted and used in a secure manner minimizing risks, thus enabling alternative ways of working for contact center agents, such as Work From Home Agent.

The app has zero integration, which means that no development or configuration changes are required in order to integrate BSPA into any web checkout page, which also leads to zero maintenance, as well as resilience to changes. Zero integration also comes with enhanced security, so that the credit card details are masked and not visible to the contact center agent. By using drag and drop, the agent is able to use the collected payment information on any web checkout page.

With the provided web browser plugin, contact center agent controls and monitors the credit card details collection and can guide the customer through the process while maintaining privacy and secure transmission of the information. The agent only sees star characters instead of the actual digits, but the system makes sure to provide visual indications to the agent, regarding how many digits have been collected, whether this is a valid credit card number, the type of credit card, etc.

The features of the app make it an excellent choice for retailers and outsourcing organizations who aim to provide a unique experience to their customers. Barphone always stays one step ahead by understanding the market needs and developing innovative solutions that can drive a business towards digital transformation.