Barphone participates in the actions of Humanity Greece

This year, our team chose to participate more actively in supporting our fellow humans in need. With great joy and love, we joined forces with Humanity Greece, and we stayed committed following the organization’s work program.

We all took on a role following the instructions of the great team of HG volunteers. Some of us were responsible for checking and organizing the food, other team members took over the first need and hygiene products, and some handled the clothing and equipment of other needs.

After we finished the work to create support packages for families in need in Attica and Thessaly, we all cooked together to include sweets in the packages. The team of Humanity Greece undertook to distribute the personalized support packages according to the existing needs.

We sincerely thank the entire team of Humanity Greece for informing us about their action but also for volunteering in general, the excellent cooperation, and above all, the opportunity they gave us to actively contribute to the support of their work. For us, it was a very special day that reminded us of life’s values and the importance of being present.

Humanity Greece is a voluntary organization that gives a voice to those who cannot be heard. It started as an organized voluntary project in August 2021, with the aim of directly supporting those affected by the devastating fires in Greece.

The aim of the volunteers is the expansion and development of the values of volunteering with the participation of the entire Society for the immediate identification and timely treatment of its problems.