How Teleperformance Greece overcomes the Covid19 challenges Barphone & Avaya

Teleperformance Greece is the leading contact center outsourcing company in Greece and a global leader in outsourcing omnichannel customer experience management. Serving over 140 markets in 40 languages and dialects, with the resources of more than 11,000 people.

The pandemic has created an urgent need for working from anywhere besides the office. This was also the case for Teleperformance outsourcers. In order to keep operating, they had to figure out a way to securely connect their employees from home. Additionally, during the lockdown, customers were presented with an ever-growing need for the services provided by Teleperformance.

During the first period of Covid, the demand for solutions that would assist remote working was huge. Barphone’s solution for Teleperformance included the required licenses for the Avaya system along with the necessary headsets.

Regarding the licensing part of the solution, Avaya had provided the option for all customers to obtain the required licenses for free for a certain period of time under a special subscription term. As a result, the license kit was enabled for Teleperformance from the beginning. All the required configuration was undertaken by Barphone immediately after the activation, in compliance with the company’s internal schedule.

Another major issue was the availability and the delivery of the required headsets for the remote agents. Barphone managed not only to secure the required stock for the entirety of its customers, including Teleperformance, but also to keep up with the schedule that Teleperformance required for their agents.

In a few weeks, with the support and assistance of both Avaya and Jabra, Barphone was able to support remote working for the majority of Teleperformance agents successfully. At the same time, supervisors were able to continue monitoring the agents by using the same tools for both groups; the ones working on premise and the majority that were working remotely.


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