Teams Queue App

It’s undeniable that a Contact Center is vital for businesses for several reasons. It acts as the central hub for all your customer interactions. It enhances the customer experience as it provides a platform for excellent customer service, which can directly lead to higher customer satisfaction. It boosts sales and revenue and increases the brand reputation via positive interactions with the agents. It also provides customer insights, by collecting valuable data that helps us understand customer needs and preferences.
This is why we are very happy to share the news about the new Teams Queue App that Microsoft has announced and is planning to release during summer 2024.

The new app will be part of the benefits and the advantages that Teams Premium offers. It brings all the traditional capabilities and functionalities of a contact center inside Teams.
Let’s dive into the key features of Queues app:

Efficient Customer Engagement:

o Powered by Teams Phone, the app allows team members to make and receive customer calls directly within Teams.
o Real-time statistics provide a 360-degree view of call queue performance.
o Members can opt in or out of call queues based on availability and business needs.
o Relevant customer profile information from CRM tools is displayed during calls.

Collaborative Call Handling:

o Team members and leads can work together on answering calls.
o One-click calling or chatting with team members.
o Call controls (e.g., transfer) are easily accessible.
o Outbound calls on behalf of call queues or auto attendants.
o Documentation of call information for future interactions.

Secure and Easy-to-Manage Solution:

o Authorized users (leads) can manage teams, call queues, and auto attendants.
o Comprehensive analytics dashboard for real-time and historical reporting.

In summary, the Teams Queue App empowers organizations to handle customer calls efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.