Corporate Social Responsibility

Believing in people’s power, arguing that the power of the group certainly multiplies individual strength. At Barphone, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society.

Defending against the pandemic by supporting remote working, conducting all our meetings online, continuously providing masks and self-tests to all employees and covering the costs of rapid and PCR tests.

Promoting Health & Wellbeing by providing our employees and their families with an entire and comprehensive healthcare programme, organising group activities and wellness events for mental and physical wellbeing.

Reinforcing environmental consciousness by making donations to prevent natural disasters and support affected areas, recycling paper, and facilitating the return and end-of-life management of appliances, batteries, and packaging.

Staying close to those who need us by supporting the work of non-profit organizations and foundations, with sponsorships and equipment provided to cover their daily communication needs.

Doing Business with Ethic by honoring our values towards our people, customers, and partners, operating with responsibility and integrity, and respecting all kinds of diversity.