How well the modern Contact Center knows its customers?

New trends in the fields of speech and text analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are expanding the horizons for improving the performance of Contact Centers and personalized customer service.

Our CX Solutions Architect, Vassilis Koutsopagos, explains that while CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) has been used for decades to measure customer satisfaction, there are challenges that can undermine the accuracy and reliability of this traditional measure.

Limited Accuracy:

CSAT is based on ratings provided by customers after specific service experiences. However, these ratings may not fully reflect the overall picture of their relationship with the company and are certainly a small percentage of the customer base.

Partial Understanding:

The survey provides a snapshot view and does not fully capture the overall customer experience. Often, customers evaluate based on specific snapshots, ignoring other aspects that may affect their satisfaction.

Lack of Flexibility and Integration:

Usually, the results are presented as an average, without considering the variety of preferences. Some customers may be more willing to accept certain errors than others. Nevertheless, the customer’s personal feedback is not linked to his future communications, reducing the goal of optimal personalized service.

Speech & Text Analytics

Voice and text analysis will become a key element in the digital transformation of modern Contact Centers. Through advanced algorithms, analytics platforms can extract valuable data from the entirety of customer communications rather than sampling. This allows companies to recognize the needs and preferences of their customers 100%, thus improving customer service and communication overall as well as individually.

Using voice and text analytics, Contact Centers can monitor conversation outcomes, identifying important elements such as emotional charge, urgency, and content. This analysis allows immediate response to customer problems and improving their experience, since workflows can be generated to help the agent and notify supervisors either in real time during the conversation or later for the purpose of marketing, cross-selling, etc.

Knowledge Base (KB)

Through KB, agents instantly search and retrieve information, thus offering quick and accurate answers to customers.

The platform can include a wide range of information such as products, services, processes with data that is regularly updated by Operations and/or connects to third party databases, such as the corporate CRM, ensuring that agents have access to an updated article library and allowing the system to remain up-to-date and adaptive to changes in company policy, products, or services.

AI Agent Assist

AI technologies also play an important role in the digital transformation of Contact Centers through AI Agent Assist. The solution is based on the integration of sophisticated machine learning algorithms that support representatives during conversations.

Agents can provide suggestions for solving problems, information about products and services, and perform tasks without manual intervention. As a result, their performance soars, allowing them to focus on more complex and strategic tasks and improving the coveted First Call Resolution KPI.

At Barphone, we provide the possibility of redesigning the Contact Center of businesses, organizing workshops with agile teams, consisting of architects, engineers and project managers with many years of experience in CX. The main goal is the smooth integration of new technologies based on the best practices of the market, both for the optimal customer experience and for the maximum performance of the internal multi-channel service teams.