Private Cloud Solution for Manessis Travel: Call Center & Intelligent Routing

Manessis Travel is one of the biggest travel agencies in Greece, offering for 35 years comprehensive services with respect to the needs of the modern traveler. It cooperates with the largest airline and ferry companies in the country but also worldwide, as well as with the most important hotel units. Staying true to its timeless founding principle, “The Traveler First”, Manessis Travel is daily at the forefront of serving travelers, maintaining the quality and variety of its services.

Aiming to provide the best experience for the customer, Manessis Travel sought a modern solution to replace the old call center in the company’s five points of presence in Attica. One of the requests was for the solution to be hosted outside the company’s offices, in a modern data center, to be flexible, scalable and able to support the constantly changing needs of its users, as they appeared during the pandemic (teleworking), a that is, a unified solution, common to all the company’s points of presence, as well as for its human resources to work from home with the same experience for the user and the end customer.

The timely recognition of the need to upgrade the operation of the organization’s Call Center to better serve the customer, led Manessis Travel to look for a specialized partner to undertake Call Center Reporting and Recording and the implementation of intelligent routing strategies in the call center. The immediate beneficiary is the end customer, who enjoys optimized intelligent call routing as they are quickly routed to the correct agents.

A strategic partner in this implementation is Barphone, which proposed Avaya IP Office and Avaya Call Reporting as an ideal solution, as it is a powerful and unified communication solution with advanced functionalities in the call center.

To avoid disrupting the operational work of the organization, the new solution was installed and tested while the old call center was still in operation. This certainly helped prevent data loss and gave users a chance to familiarize themselves with the new system before it was fully implemented.

As a Unified Communications solution, the new call center equipped Manessis Travel staff with a variety of capabilities, including remote access, call waiting and IP connectivity. IP connectivity, for example, as it uses the network’s structured cabling, has eliminated the need for old telephone cabling.

Using Avaya IP Office Server Edition and Avaya Call Reporting solution, Manessis Travel implemented intelligent call flows and customized routing strategies to speed up customer interaction and improve user experience and efficiency. The basic requirement for a common and unified work environment for all was realized for all operating points of the travel organization (existing and future), as well as the solution for working from home at any time and for any user who wants it was integrated. In addition, better management of incoming calls using Avaya Call Reporting significantly reduced the number of missed calls.

The operation of the entire solution in a modern and powerful Data Center like that of Digital Realty, the largest provider of cloud and carrier-neutral data center solutions worldwide, gives the people of Manessis Travel the ability to operate continuously and uninterruptedly from anywhere, since they can be connected from everywhere with the new telecommunications solution. According to Mr. Tassos Damalas, IT Manager at Manessis Travel, “With the installation of the Avaya CC & UC Private Cloud solution from Barphone in our travel organization, productivity has increased, and internal and external communication has been improved, as it provides users with advanced capabilities operation and reporting. With the new call center, the company’s employees are now more efficient and flexible since they are not dependent on their office device and can be connected to it constantly and from everywhere.”

Barphone, with its many years of experience in the field of Telecommunications and Contact Center & Unified Communications solutions, immediately responded to the needs of Manessis Travel and proposed the appropriate solution to achieve the organization’s goals. As Mr. Nikolopoulos, Key Account Manager and responsible for the implementation of the project, states, “Barphone is increasingly working with its customers to transform their entire business model, integrating services, advancing automation through real-time data, and targeting in achieving competitive advantage.”

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