Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS brings together employees, insights, and processes from your entire organization to create effortless customer experiences across all your contact center touchpoints. In a few words, it’s always on customer service.

One of the key points of Avaya CCaaS is the ability to create effortless experiences by connecting everything across any channel with built-in, predictive AI that adapts to customer needs. The features below show us the experience we enjoy by enabling proactive, AI-powered connections.

  • Reach more customers and achieve goals faster by using AI-powered predictive modeling
  • Deploy AI-enabled digital co-workers across all channels, including web, voice, SMS, social media, email, and video
  • Redefine and personalize the online experience with complete co-browsing capabilities
  • Capture and respond to customer feelings and emotions in real time to create meaningful engagements
  • Deliver conversational self-service 24/7, with options to speak with a live agent
  • Easily identify and authenticate customers using voice and facial biometrics
  • Skip screen-switching with a customizable voice and digital desktop that offers 360-degree customer insight
  • Deliver a differentiated experience that caters to mobile callers

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS enables us to deliver holistic, personalized customer and employee experiences by tightly aligning processes, functions, and resources.

  • Enhance team collaboration with converged communications that eliminate front- and back-office silos
  • Augment employees with intelligent virtual agents that provide on-screen prompts and more in real-time
  • Work easily with the CRM applications you already use, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ServiceCloud, Zendesk, and more
  • Fine-tune experiences with visual task editors to create workflows, manage auto responses, and assign work
  • Match customers with the best employees based on business rules, internal and external context, and desired outcomes
  • Integrate homegrown as well as common messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Chat into a single system

A series of features that enhance workforce management give us the ability to use the best tools to motivate, empower, and mentor employees, from recruitment to retention.

  • Bring schedules, training, customer information, and more – from different systems – into a single screen
  • Provide real-time assistance to employees with prompts, details, and step-by-step guidance
  • Actively monitor, analyze, and manage employee performance, requirements, and feedback
  • Improve compliance and reduce liability by automatically capturing and processing voice and digital interactions
  • Give employees the freedom to work remotely with flexible, modern tools
  • Optimize service levels with the right number of employees all the time and gain insight into trends

Last but not least, we should not forget the importance of gaining real-time insights. With Avaya CCaaS, we can optimize every experience across the organization with powerful performance analytics and reporting tools. More specifically:

  • Anticipate needs with a comprehensive – 360ο view of the customer journey to help determine next-best actions
  • Automatically surface intelligence from thousands, even millions of recorded interactions (speech and text analytics)
  • Keep a pulse on employee and customer experiences with historical reporting and real-time dashboards
  • Help employees in the moment by providing real-time prompts based on spoken words or phrases
  • Capture real-time events at every step of the customer journey with insightful contact center dashboards
  • Capture customer feedback in real-time and take quick action to optimize business processes