MS Teams features & Telephony

We guide businesses and organizations in their successful transition to new digital services, such as Cloud. There are countless reasons that make clear why Cloud is a service capable of changing the way we use technology every day. A leading cloud service that significantly changes our daily lives and enhances our productivity is Microsoft Teams.

MS Teams is a collaboration platform with features that make it stand out from other collaboration software solutions.

Teams: Groups consist of channels, which are conversation boards between colleagues. All team members can view and participate in different conversations on the main channel.

Share documents in SharePoint: Each team using MS Teams will have a SharePoint OnLine site that will contain a default document library folder. All files shared in all chats will be automatically saved in this folder.

Chat mode: The basic chat functionality is commonly found in most collaboration apps and can take place between groups, teams, and individuals.

Online video calls: We can have seamless and fast video calls with employees inside the business or customers and partners outside. Desktop sharing for technical assistance and real-time multi-user collaboration is also an important feature.

Online meetings: This feature can help you improve your communications, company-wide meetings, and even training, with an online meeting feature that can host up to 10,000 users. Online meetings can involve anyone outside or inside the business.

Telephony: Microsoft 365 Enterprise Voice can act as a complete phone system. This is where Barphone comes in, having deep expertise in implementing the technology and adapting it to the customer’s needs.

There are two ways of implementation. The first is to use the existing telephony infrastructure, which is when the customer already uses a contact center. Therefore, the necessary actions and tasks are being carried out to connect the existing infrastructure to MS Teams.

The second approach is to configure MS Teams to fully assume the role of a call center, covering all functions, requirements, and needs that a company has for its telephony. In this case, the infrastructure that needs to exist in the company’s premises is minimal and reduces the cost of telephony to the maximum.

In both cases, the advantages of this implementation are very important. The main one is that the personal interior of each employee follows him everywhere and can be used from any device with internet access. A PC, a mobile phone, or even a tablet is enough. So, we can make or receive calls to our company landline even if we are out of the office. Our colleagues or customers can call the number they know we have or see an incoming call by viewing our corporate ID.

Another important feature is that MS Teams also offers a voicemail function. Someone can leave an audio message, and it is immediately delivered as an attachment to our email, and of course, we see the corresponding notification in the MS Teams application. Finally, the user himself can very easily set the behavior of his phone, such as automatic diversion, simultaneous ringing to other numbers, granting the right to other colleagues to make and receive calls from and to our number, and the behavior of the answering machine, such as the setting of the audio message.

Businesses prefer MS Teams because it is very user-friendly. The learning curve is quite short compared to more complex collaboration tools. It also requires little to no setup and can facilitate a working environment between remote users or in a large enterprise. It is a powerful and extremely useful collaboration environment that is constantly growing in popularity. MS Teams is included in Office 365 for free, so every office user can enjoy all the benefits of this collaboration solution. In short, it brings simplicity to teamwork by collaborating, sharing, communicating, and doing it all under one platform. In Barphone, we make sure we take full advantage of the phone capabilities of MS Teams.