Avaya Contact Center Subscription

Centrecom is one of the leading contact center outsourcing companies in Malta. With more than 2000 employees in 7 locations around the world, it serves customers in more than 15 languages.

Centrecom presented the need for a modern contact center solution that would provide the best possible service to its customers. Due to the pandemic, the requirements included the option for remote working for the Centrecom agents, as well as the ability for automated IVR flows, Recording and Call Back application for its customers. Reporting and adaptability change were the key drives for a solution that would meet Centrecom’s day-to-day needs.

Barphone chose Avaya’s subscription as the optimal solution for Centrecom’s needs. This subscription provides all the benefits of Avaya licensing without the need of a high upfront investment. The Avaya subscription option includes all the licenses required for agents to work seamlessly either on-site or remotely. Additionally, the agent’s subscription also includes IVR ports for creating automated customer service applications. As requested by Centrecom, call back ports and recording ports were now incorporated into the solution.

The installation of the complete solution was achieved in a customer supplied VM Ware environment without the need of Avaya hardware, or the need of dispatching engineers for installation, configuration, fine tuning, go live support, and training.

Within just a few months after the request, Centrecom was able to migrate into the new Avaya solution and start using a high-end contact center solution with all the additional benefits that Avaya has to offer in the subscription option.

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