Avaya Aura Contact Center and CRM integration

Plaisio is one of the leaders in Greek retail, focusing both on the B2B and B2C market with an extensive network of physical stores and next-day delivery to most parts of Greece.

Plaisio reached a point where the telephony solution was rendered insufficient for supporting its ever-growing needs. Therefore, Barphone responded to the request for a solution that could meet its current and future needs, as well as the need for integration of the existing CRM with the new telephony equipment.
In contact centres, such those of Plaisio, expandability, robustness and the ability to employ change in every aspect of the contact center (flow, agents, skills, priorities, etc.), is of the essence for their success.

Based on the needs presented by the contact center managers, Barphone suggested the Avaya Aura Contact Center (AACC) as the ideal telephony solution, and the AMC Technology’s DaVinci platform for the effective integration with CRM.
AACC is a scalable and robust solution that supports the current and future needs of Plaisio. Along with the DaVinci connector, agent productivity was increased and the average handling time was decreased substantially.

Overall, Barphone delivered for Plaisio a holistic solution that met its requirements for agility and robustness. (Taking into account that due to the pandemic, the last Black Friday increased the contact center’s volume heavily.) Also, the connector that was implemented led to an increase in productivity which was one of the KPIs of the project’s success.


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