Barphone is proud to announce that we have been Certified as Avaya Cloud Specialist. That gives us the flexibility to deploy a Cloud-based Contact Center and Unified Communications solution built on Avaya’s proven IP Office technology in cooperation with Lamda Hellix’s data centers. The solution is delivered as a monthly subscription, easily scaled to meet demand. We can provide seamless IP telephony/voice, video and mobile applications. And for the contact center, we offer powerful, affordable multichannel functionality for voice, email and web chat.

Barphone Cloud UCaaS Solution

Hosted Telephony User Hosted UC User
Make/Receive Calls, Park & Page, Basic Call

Logs, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, Calling Line ID Delivery, Do Not Disturb, Intercept User, Last-Number Redial, Three-Way Calling, Voicemail, Voicemail-to-Email Notification, Selective Call Acceptance, Selective Call Rejection, Hot Desking, Mobile Twinning, Conference Bridge,

and SoftConsole (max 10 for receptionists)

All the features of Office Worker


Advanced Mobile Applications, PC and

iPad Softphone, Video Calling, Instant

Messaging and Presence, SFDC Plug-in,

Outlook Plug-in and Lync Plug-in

· Avaya Telephony User License

· DC (VM) Hosting

· Unlimited Bandwidth

· 24×7 Support Incl.

· Avaya Power UC User License

· DC (VM) Hosting

· Unlimited Bandwidth

· 24×7 Support Incl.

Business drivers for migrating to cloud

~ Shift from capex to opex model.

~ Reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO).

~ Pay-per-use model provides great financial flexibility.

~ Outsource IT complexities.

~ Stay current with latest updates.

~ Most scalable, cost-effective offering of collaboration solutions.

Barphone Cloud High Level Topology