One of the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic is the rapid increase in remote working. Many companies and organizations have been forced to continue operating with their employees working from home. Some of these companies belong to industries such as retail, contact center, and the core of their business operation focuses on customer service and support, order processing/sales, etc.

Barphone, one of the leading companies in the telecommunications industry, understands the needs of its customers for fast and secure service provision, either from home or at the office, and creates for the first time the Barphone Secure Payment Application (BSPA). This app is an important tool available to retail and contact center companies, as it allows a fast and secure payment process.

BSPA, which operates across the range of Avaya Aura Contact Center solutions, enables the agent to use a secure method of financial transactions through multiple communication channels. The solution is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant and allows secure transmission of debit or credit card information using DTMF tones for voice calls or secure web links for chat and email. Sensitive transaction data are transmitted and used securely, minimizing risks, and thus allowing alternative ways of working, such as “Work at Home”.

It is important to note that BSPA does not require changes to the application development or configuration to integrate into any marketplace web site, which results in zero maintenance and change resistance. Zero integration is also accompanied by improved security, so payment card details are covered and not visible to the agent at any stage of online payment completion. With a simple drag & drop operation, the contact center agent can transfer the transaction data collected to any purchase integration web page. With the provided browser plugin, the agent monitors and controls the data collection process of the payment card and can guide the customer, while maintaining the confidentiality and secure data transmission. This happens because the agent sees only asterisk characters instead of the actual digits, while at the same time the system provides visual indications of how many digits have been collected, if the card number is valid, the card type, etc.

BSPA means PCI compatibility, security, zero integration, and data protection, not the device. Barphone, Avaya Diamond Partner, with many years of experience in the field of telecommunications, proves once again that it is next to the customer and listens to his needs.

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