Barphone in cooperation with Telestax organized and hosted TADhack Athens 2017 at the weekend 30 / 9-1 / 10/17!

TADhack Athens – organized for a second year in our country – is part of TADhack Global, the biggest event in Telecom Applications and takes place in various cities of the world at the same time.

The participants – TADhackers were from various companies in Greece and abroad, as well as a group of students from Piraeus University (Telecom and Communications Technology) using telecom platforms, such as Telestax Restcomm, developed and presented their applications in a live demo.

Afterwards, the local winners were announced and all presentations have been sent to TADhack Global to participate in the international competition.

It has been a very creative weekend for everyone and for Barphone team, Lefteris Papastathis and Thomas Merkouris – Application Development Engineers, who created their own application.

Congratulations to everyone!